AMARE アマーレ京都

Access: · 5 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station

Course details

◎ Charge for day or night ◎ OK 【Student Discount Plan for Students】 2,980 yen plan for dishes & all you can drink

By using a coupon2980 yen

tax included

  • 38items
  • 20persons-
All-you-can-drink available

120 minute system

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Students are relieved ♪ Reasonable charter course !! The dishes of this plan can be assembled freely from a number of menus! All you can drink is beer, including a variety of arrangements.【Options & benefits】 Room charge not included · Minimum guarantee fee is not received! Plenty of free options such as projector, screen and microphone ♪ Preparation · reception · It is free time to clean up again later!

Course menu

We will correspond to various styles such as buffet and table sharing,

We prepare a number of dishes that match the party.

We use Kyo vegetables and low pesticide vegetables and offer creative dishes.

You can choose your favorite dish from the menu below and you can assemble the plan freely.

Please create original course and enjoy.


· Appetizers (7 types)

· Salad (3 types)

· Hors d'oeuvres (5 types)

· Fish dishes (3 types)

· Meat dishes (6 kinds)


· Pasta (4 types)


· Rice (3 types)

· Dessert (4 kinds)


We prepare a long number of dishes that match to various reception party styles, such as buffet and table sharing.

Our shop has also served many creative dishes using Kyoto vegetables and low pesticide vegetables.

You can choose your favorite dish from the menu below and assemble the plan freely.

Create your original course and ENJOY.


Appetizers(7 Kinds)

Salad(3 Kinds)

Hors D'Oeuvres(5 KInds)

Fish Dishes(3 Kinds)

Meat Dishes(6 Kinds)


Pasta(4 Kinds)


Rice(3 Kinds)

Dessert(4 Kinds)


All-you-can-drink menu

· Lamb / Tequila / Vodka / Jin / Whiskey / Campari / Cassis / Malibu / Mango / Lychee / Peach / Kalua / Blue Curacao / Amaretto / Franboise / Green Banana / Plum wine / Beer
· Hot coffee / Ice coffee / Oolong tea / Tea / Coke / Gingeraar / Orange juice / Mango juice / Pineapple juice / Guava juice / Gurin apple juice / Grapefruit juice / Peach juice / Mix juice / Mixed berry juice / Tomato juice

2018/11/30 update